This was a short group project with Andy Huntington, Bas Raijmakers, Sunae Kim and Tom Jenkins.

Project Brief

Design a new sport, which we will all play in Hyde Park.


The designers cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained from trying to emulate the activities described on this page.


  • Helium gas canister
  • Balloons + ribbons
  • Steel pins
  • Adhesive tape

How to play

  • Eye protection must be worn by all participants at all times while playing 'Balloon Wars'.
  • Competitors are each given a helium filled balloon of regulation size (25cm Ø). Each Balloon is tied with a standard ribbon of 1.5m length.
  • Competitors are also equipped with 5 identical steel pins. The pins are fixed to the balloon with adhesive tape prior to a match. Competitors can attach the pins to their balloon in any arrangement they wish.
  • Each match starts with 3 competitors. Each competitor is equipped with their own helium filled, pin mounted balloon. Competitors must hold the balloon at the end of the ribbon throughout a match - failure to do so results in disqualification.
  • Each match is confined to a circular arena of 4m Ø (marked out on the ground). If a competitor steps outside of this arena they are immediately disqualified.
  • Each competitor must attempt to burst an opponent's balloon with their own balloon. If a competitor's balloon is burst they must immediately leave the arena. The match ends when only one balloon/player remains and this player wins the match.
  • If a competitor releases their balloon then they are immediately disqualified.