Project Brief: Design a "Horoscope Vending Machine"
(1 week group project with: Andreas Berlinger and Angus Chan)

We realised that a large number of ‘horoscope’ websites were offering dating advice or services based on star-sign compatibility. Consequently, our response to the brief was to propose a photo-booth that functions as a dating or ‘partner matching’ machine.

We felt that a booth combining the functions of a photo-machine and dating service would be a novel and intriguing prospect for potential users. For our final crit we used a full-size 'model' to demonstrate, in real-time, how our machine would work and how the user might interact with it. (See below for a slide-show of our "live" demonstration).

Aims and objectives

This project plays with our expectations of the relationship between form and function. Our booth adopts the familiar form of a photo-booth but transplants an entirely new function onto it: that of a dating service. The user's familiarity with the object's appearance will inevitably produce certain preconceptions in the user's mind, on how they should interact with the device. We have consciously worked with these existing preconceptions in designing our 'user experience'.

Context of work:

'User Experience' design. Design of a device/service that could be installed within a public space.

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