Friday, December 10, 2004

Second Life Research

Can any of you kind people in SL possibly help me with the below request please?!

I have been set a design project at college in which we have to research a specific community/group. I have decided to look at MMORPG communities, focusing on Second Life. If anyone would be prepared to answer the following questions, I would be very grateful! . You don’t necessarily have to answer every question; any feedback will be of help. I am particularly interested in images.

You can either post directly here, or to this forum post.
Your Second Life character name is:

Where are you logging in from? (country/state/city)

1) What kind of a place is Second Life
2) What kind of place would you like it to be?
3) Where do you feel most at home? (could be either a real life or Second Life location)
4) Which object would you most like to take from Second Life into your real life (send me a screen grab of the object if possible)?
5) Conversely, which object would you most like to take from real life into Second Life?
6) Name someone important to you (either real life or Second Life)
7) Send me a photo of an object on or near your computer terminal.