Saturday, April 09, 2005

"Dreamcatcher" - a service for 'Second Life' avatars

Networked Dream Recorder

I am currently trying to develop an in-world Dream Archiving & Sharing Service. I have built a prototype in-world Dream Recorder (see pic) which connects to my service. My service relays dream recordings to and from an SQL database, which functions as a Second Life dream repository.

The Dream Recorder/Service currently offers the following functions:
  • Record a dream
  • Retrieve a previously recorded dream
  • Share your dreams - Your dreams can be sent to another user's device
    anonymously. The user will then have the option of sending a response
    to your dream.

I have been running the service "in-world" with some Second Life residents, as a first iteration of my design. I have given each participating avatar their own personal Dream Recorder. The avatar can then use their Dream Recorder to connect to my service.