Sunday, July 10, 2005

A real service for a virtual world... (project summary)

Do avatars dream? This project stems from research into 3D online game worlds and their communities. Most of my research has focused on the virtual online world of Second Life. I became interested in the blurring of boundaries between the player's real and virtual life experiences. The research was later extended to include the "dream life" of Second Life residents.

My project is a dream recording and sharing service for Second Life avatars. The service can only be accessed by avatars (via dream recorders I designed) from within the Second Life world. Although my work exists is an entirely virtual and intangible space, the service itself (running live within Second Life) is real. Real people control the avatars that populate this virtual space, and hence the dreams that my service receives are the dreams of real people from all over the globe.

See the posts below, which outline the progression of my project...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Dreamcatcher" at the RCA show

RCA show space
My Dreamcatcher project was exhibited at the RCA graduate show.

My presentation consisted of a diagram illustrating how my dream service operates and integrates with the Second Life world. Arranged around this diagram were the dreams and 'dream discussions' that my service had recorded, printed out on Post-It notes. I also produced a small booklet, an "Avatar's User Manual", which explained how an avatar would use their personal dream recorder from within the Second Life world.
(Diagram and User Manual graphics produced by Sohui Won )

My project was covered by
We-Make-Money-Not-Art, read the article here.

(see previous posts for more info on Dreamcatcher)