This is a prototype virtual reality simulation, which places the viewer inside a blood vessel. The program communicates with a Heart Beat Sensor, from which it receives blood flow readings in real-time. These readings are used to pulse the simulated blood in time to my real heart beat. The prototype was made with Unity, and runs on an Oculus Rift.

Download Executable

You can dowload the "Virtual Blood Flow, Real Heartbeat" prototype below: - Requires: Windows 7 or above, and Oculus CV1 Software (Tested with Oculus Rift DK2).

Although my demo features a Heart Rate Sensor, the App will still run without it. In the absence of the sensor the blood cells will flow through the blood vessel at a slow, steady speed. When I find some spare time, I intend to provide instructions on how to set up your own Heart Sensor to work with this App.

2015 | Personal Project.